The Ethereum Name Service is an open source blockchain-based naming protocol.

About ENS

Started at the Ethereum Foundation in early 2017, ENS spun off as a separate organization in 2018. ENS is managed by the Singaporean non-profit True Names LTD and is a public good, a basic piece of Internet infrastructure that belongs to the community. We welcome all feedback and contributions!

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Representatives of ENS participate in the greater Internet community:


Meet the team

Nick Johnson

Creator & Lead Developer

Jeff Lau

Frontend & Solidity Developer

Makoto Inoue

JS & Solidity Developer

Rebecca Liebert

Graphic Designer

Dean Eigenmann

Solidity Developer

Brantly Millegan

Director of Operations

Jim McDonald

EthDNS Developer

Kevin Gaspar

Support Lead

Leon Talbert

Frontend Developer

Richard Moore

Solidity Developer

Muhammed Tanrıkulu

Full Stack Developer

Benefits of Ethereum

Though it supports a wide range of non-Ethereum assets, ENS runs on the Ethereum blockchain. This brings the benefits of decentralization, security, censorship-resistance, and programmability of the Ethereum blockchain to Internet naming, enabling new features like self-custody, composability in the greater Ethereum smart-contract ecosystem, and more.

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Managing the ENS root

To facilitate the possibility of upgrades and maintenance, and in exceptional circumstances to handle problems with ENS, the ENS root is initially owned by a four of seven multisig, with members of related projects as keyholders. In the long term, we would like the root multisig to be replaced by some form of distributed decision making process, as such systems become available.

Nick Johnson
Sergey Nazarov
Dan Finlay
Taylor Monahan
Aron Fischer
Jason Carver
Ethereum Foundation
Martin Swende
Ethereum Foundation

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