ENS Labs roadmap
Feature requests
What we've done that is now live.
Normalisation Integration
Launched April 2023

Integration of the new normalisation standard into the ENS manager.

Manager App V3
Launched April 2023

The next generation manager for ENS, read more here.

Launched March 2023

Allows ENS names to become ERC1155 tokens, enabling better controls and consistency for users.

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In progress
You'll see these soon because we're working on them.
Gasless DNS Names

A gas-free method for using DNS names in ENS, utilising CCIP-Read.

ENSjs Refactor

A new slimmed down re-write of the JavaScript ENS library.

Development Pipeline Improvements

Changes to the testing pipeline that allow feature releases to be expedited.

Layer 2 Ecosystems

Exploring ways for ENS to interact with Layer 2 ecosystems.

Up next
We're going to discuss these next. This list is in no particular order.
With Ethereum (SIWE)

Integration of the SIWE standard into the ENS manager.


Re-introduction of an improved "favourites" feature within the ENS manager.

Dark Mode

Dark mode for the ENS manager.